To recap:  Whether your desire for food independence is a symptom of Covid-Inspired Homesteading Fever, or the result of a long-standing dissatisfaction with the industrial/global status quo, the key that lets you source your food locally is called SUNLIGHT, and it’s falling all around you, all the time — all you have to do is pick it up.IMG_1291

How?  That’s called ‘grass management’, or ‘grazing’.  Ground covers like grass and weeds capture the majority of sunlight falling on landmass, and unless and until you can develop a multi-chambered stomach and a symbiotic relationship with rumen bacteria, you’ll need the help of grazing animals to harvest that energy.

Got that?  Local sunlight is the life energy of any and every Where.  It falls on plants, some of which you can eat directly , but most of which you are not able to use as food sources.  Fortunately, nature has provided the RUMINANT as your friend and partner, and ruminants are the star players in harvesting grass.  Milk them and they’ll feed you twice a day, with some left over for the (dog, cat, pig, chicken, neighbor).

Surplus males are great on the grill.