Three of our first calf heifers will be offered for sale this year, as well as two second-calf cows. The balloon goes up in June when we hold the dairy workshop, so that any attendees who so desire can have first pick.

The heifers are Jersey/Dexter crosses, and their conformation and performance are answering our hopes. We had an expectation that putting a Dex bull on a Jersey cows would produce a more compact, muscular form with good teats and high butterfat, well adapted to navigate our sometimes-steep hillsides, and with a preference for native/naturalized pastures with a lot of coarse vegetation — and that expectation is being realized.

The older (but still young) cows are Jersey crosses with their second calves under them. We have earnest money for Gwyn, a Jersey/Limousin, with her bull calf; Tulsa, the other young mother, is Jersey/Dex/Hereford, unconventional in a dairy herd because of her white face, but an excellent family cow and almost certainly A2 homozygous.

Relative to the beta-casein question, I think we will be testing for A2 this year, but we haven’t done it yet. If you want a cow and you don’t want to pay more for A2, come to our workshop and put a deposit on your choice.