A question from a farmer:

We have 15 acres of “pasture” that used to be serially tilled for corn fields. We are trying to regenerate healthy pasture with intensive rotational grazing.  We have what looks like wild sweet pea and mustard in addition to fescue and other plants I don’t recognize.  I’ve read some things about sweet pea being toxic but I know you’ve talked a lot about toxic forage misconceptions in the events we’ve attended.  The cows absolutely LOVE the sweet pea (if I’m even correctly identifying it, a botanist I am not). Should I be trying to manage this?

I’m going to guess that maybe your wild sweet pea is vetch, a common legume often used in land reclamation and pastures.  My cows love it.  If you are making small paddocks and moving the cows daily, there won’t be enough vetch in any given paddock for the cows to overindulge, even if they eat it all first.  It’s one of the great boons of intensive grazing; there’s not enough of any one thing in a paddock for an injudicious animal to OD on .