A question about adding trees to pasture:

This fall we are planning on planting scattered shade/fodder trees through the acreage. Considering doing some willow/poplar/mulberry fodder trees that can be pollarded every few years for forage… any suggestions for the best health benefits for fruit or nut trees to plant?

We’re no experts on fodder trees, but we plant  or encourage the ones that grow here anyway and that the cows show us they like.  That would include apple, walnut, hickory, black locust, mulberry, probably some others.  We don’t encourage Bradford pear or ailanthus/tree of heaven, even though the cows like them, because they are so invasive. And cherry trees in a pasture could be a problem because wilted (but not fresh or dry) cherry leaves are supposed to be toxic. Skeptic though I am about reputedly toxic forages, when I find fallen cherry branches, I throw them over the fence.