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Protein can be harvested from lots of sources.  Ground beef or pork offal frozen in tins is cut into chunks and fed out as a high quality protein ration for the chickens.


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Here’s our new five gallon Daisy crank churn, gentler on cream than our electric propeller-dasher churns:


and here’s the butter:


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catching water


Our attendance at Dan Kitteredge’s workshop in NC last year, and a bumper potato crop to follow, convinced us of the value of irrigating vegetable crops even when we’re not in drought, a choice we previously considered unnecessary.  This new nine-IBC array may be overkill on the back of a 60 x 24 foot shed, but we’re determined this year to catch as much water as possible.

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Today, the anniversary of the beginning of our collaboration with the Queen of Apprentices, Ashley Felock, happens also, by what might be termed a coincidence, to be the feast of San Isidro, patron of farmers, and of a saint whose name begins with ‘Com’ who is patron of community life.  Also, and some might deem this even more appropriate, the feast of St. Dymphna . . .

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the pottery side


A woodshed full of pottery waiting to be glazed —


and a new kitten!


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This seep at the east end of the home pasture has delivered modestly for years, but with a little work with pick and shovel, and a couple of lengths of perforated PVC, it now delivers far more water and keeps the lower pasture from getting soggy as well.

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The necessary skills of the modern farm woman, networking while preparing a chicken for the dinner table — Ashley has it all!

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