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Saturday, March 9:

We checked out the auction at the old feed store this morning.  The whole place smelled of cats and rats and mildewed cob corn, and it was packed to the rafters with people who were going to bid much higher for the fence panels, corn shellers, stock gates, etc, than we would ever dream of, so after a quick tour and a mild pang or two we left.

Two sons went to the mill for lumber for the mill shed and siding for the summer kitchen; Papa staked out where the footer for the mill shed will be.  Mostly we mill our lumber but with the mud so deep hauling logs isn’t feasible.  After lunch Papa and the girls took advantage of the beautiful weather to clear all the old bedding out of the chicken house and put in clean cedar shavings, a suggestion we gleaned from the Sisters of Reparation as a way to combat hen lice.  The tow truck came to haul away the old F-150; three sons worked timbers for the summer kitchen, and one collected and boiled another twenty gallons of maple sap.

The old green car may be salvageable as a farm vehicle for going up and down to the monastery; Grandpa is feeling much better and had a hamburger for lunch.  We are safe, well, together, and we like to work with one another; there were steaks and hamburgers, potatoes and braised cabbage for dinner, with a gallon of milk and a loaf of wheat bread; the sun shone today; how much more does it take to make a man happy?

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