IMG_8830 Fall farm classes are filling up, and the last of the apples are going into the press.  Busy life!



Mangels are great pig food for the winter months since the store very well and are a high-energy food, good for helping animals keep warm when the temperatures drop.   We harvested a 30 x 50 foot bed two days ago; the crop was just fair, but even that is about 1500 lb. of roots, plus there are all the tops to feed out right away — about 200 lb. of high-iron greens.  Fall is abundant in its provision — we are backed up with farm-produced calories for the animals.  It helps to have some experience in determining how to put these to put these to the best use — for timing, for the right animals, in the right proportions and combinations.  On the farm, there is no such thing as waste.



Housing for the fall farm workshops is available in our new guest house, a beautiful remodeled cabin here on the home farm.  One free night is included for workshop attendees; both Friday and Saturday nights are presently available.  Please let us know when you register which night you prefer; or, if you like, spend both nights with us for an extra fee of $25.

Although the forecast only takes the temperature down to 36F tonight, we pulled out the high tunnel cover after chores and got it up.  No sense taking chances.  We don’t want to put the winter squash  in the dry cave until we catch the mouse we know is in there, so we just covered the squash with a tarp; that will be enough protection even if it does frost.

Thanks to Justice Mercy for letting us know that the link in the first Farm Workshop post wasn’t working!  We’ve fixed it now and you can find the workshop information here.  Check out all our offerings; it’s going to be a full day of sustainable farming skills, demonstrations, and information.  Hope to see you then!

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We had a great time this weekend in Virginia at the Homesteaders of America Conference in Front Royal!  Thanks to Amy, Tangi, and all the folks who pulled the event together.  We’re excited to see all the energy behind Americans taking up their food independence, and looking forward to seeing people at our Fall Farm Workshops in November.  Keep in touch!homesteaders of america


Hello to all our new friends from Homesteaders of America!  We’ve posted the dates for our Fall Farm Workshop Days , this Novemeber 10th and 17th.  We’d love to see any or all of you for a long day of fencing, water systems, dairying, and looking at on-farm sources for water, animal feeds, and garden fertility.  The event will include a farm-raised lunch and dinner, and an optional night in our comfortable, fully-equipped and beautiful guest house.  Hope to see you there!